English words with hindi meaning list

English words with hindi meaning list

English words with hindi meaning

As we all know that vocabulary is the cornerstone of your English skills. It can not apply the rules of English grammar without strengthening it.

Alternative - दो वस्तुओं के बीच चुनाव
Meaning : choice between two things

Aquatic - पानी मे रहने वाले
Meaning : Growing, living in or near water

Badge - बिल्ला, प्रतीक
Meaning : A small piece of metal or cloth or plastic with a design or words on it that you wear on your clothing

Barrel - पीपा, बन्दूक की नली
Meaning : Cylinder, metal tube of gun

Calamity - आपदा
Meaning : Disaster

Climax - चरमसीमा
Meaning : The highest point

Dopey - मन्द बुद्धि
Meaning : not intelligent

Entreaty - प्रार्थना, याचना
Meaning : an earnest or humble request

Fright - भय, डर, आंतक
Meaning : a sudden felling of fear, shock, error

Grip - नियंत्रण, कड़ी पकड़
Meaning : take and keep a firm hold of, grasp tightly

Hazardous - खतरनाक
Meaning : Dangerous, risky

Intimately - सुपरिचित
Meaning : Close, familiar

Janitor - द्वारपाल, द्वाररक्षक
Meaning : a caretaker or doorkeeper of a building

Kyte - तोंद
Meaning : a person's belly or stomach

Lumbago - कमर का दर्द
Meaning : pain in the muscles and joint of the lower back

Majority - बहुसंख्या
Meaning : the longest part of group of people or things

Nailing - कील निर्माण या कील ठोकना
Meaning : the act of making or fastening nail

Objection - आपत्ति, विरोध
Meaning : disapproval or opposition

Paddy - धान
Meaning : rice growing

Palmyra - हस्त रेखा विज्ञान लेखन
Meaning : writing about palmstry

Quest - खोज, अनुसंधान
Meaning : a long or arduous search for something

Repository - संग्रह करने का स्थान
Meaning : a place where things are or may be stored

Surety - जमानदार
Meaning : one who is legally responsible for debt

Trance - अचेत अवस्था, मूर्छा
Meaning : abnormal state of semi consciousness

Undertake - जिम्मेदारी उठाना
Meaning : make onself responsible for

Vagary - सनक, धुन
Meaning : a whism, a wild freak

Wynd - पतली गली
Meaning : a narrow alley

Xenomania - परदेशी वस्तुओ पर उत्कट प्रेम
Meaning : undue attachment to foreign things

Yelling - चिल्लाहट
Meaning : shout in a loud

Zoolatry - पशु पूजा
Meaning : the worship of animals

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